The Graduiertenkolleg (Research Training Group) is a research training programme at the University of Greifswald. 15-20 PhD- and MD-students work on their theses within the framework of a coherent research programme focussed on “Host-pathogen interactions in generalized bacterial infections”. The interdisciplinary team of the 18 faculty members, who supervise the individual thesis projects, is from the Faculty of Medicine and from the Faculty of Sciences. A workshop regularly brings together all the members of the Graduiertenkolleg to exchange ideas, monitor the progress of the individual projects and to continually update and refine the common scientific strategies. In addition, students and faculty members organize a study programme of seminars, lab courses and “retreats”, which is tailored to the students´ needs.

Applications are now invited for PhD- or MD-fellowships in this Graduiertenkolleg. The new projects will start on October 1st. 2007. Successful applicants will receive financial support in the form of a scholarship, which covers their living expenses.

In addition, the Graduiertenkolleg will receive financial support for
  • consumables for the experimental work
  • participation of graduate students in national and international scientific meetings
  • funds for visiting scientists
  • workshops and conferences
  • coordination costs