The town
Greifswald is a small very old university town in the northeast of Germany. Historic buildings, many of them dating from the middle ages, in conjunction with its lively students make it a charming place to be.

The sea
The environment of Greifswald is very attractive, indeed. The coast of the Baltic sea, and, of course, the large islands Rügen and Usedom, all within easy reach from Greifswald, are great for swimming, sailing and windsurfing. Students like to meet on the Kuhstrand, just 5 km out of town, for barbecue and beach volley ball.

The university
Founded in 1456 the University of Greifswald today is a modern, ever expanding institution of learning. More than 8000 students from 5 faculties are currently enrolled. Student clubs, pubs and cafés as well as a great diversity of cultural events all contribute to “a life outside the laboratory” in Greifswald.