Dr. Atinkut Zeleke

Postdoc, scientific staff member



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ORCID: 0000-0001-7838-9050


Current challenges in multidisciplinary clinical care, the growing amount of health care data, and the advancement in analytic technology result in a great interest in EHR (electronic health record) data for clinical research. The potential at the door is opening the path to faster previously impossible observational health studies. Researchers now use data from routine clinical care to inform the quality of service, the effectiveness of procedures and medical devices and to monitor interventions. However, making use of the exciting potential of big data requires comprehensive research data management practices.


The combination of high quality data for research and the adoption of the FAIR principles has contributed to the rise of data science applications in public health informatics in Europe.

As a postdoc researcher in the department, I am interested in developing concepts and methods for better data quality assessment (DQA). My research focuses on the evaluation of DQA frameworks for secondary use of EHRs. I am also interested in implementing practices relating FAIR health research data management at clinical sites. More specifically, I investigate the relationship between FAIR and DQ dimensions. I am also passionate about medical informatics education on IT infrastructure for biomedical research and big data analytics.



2019 - present

Scientific staff member for data research management, University Medicine Greifswald

2010 - present

Lecturer/Assistant professor, Health Informatics (Institute of Public Health) University of Gondar

2011 - 2015Departement head

2006 - 2010

Graduate assistant (Physiotherapy), School of Medicine, University of Gondar

2015 - 2019

PhD student Medical Informatics, Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg

2009 - 2010

MPH in Health Informatics, University of Gondar

2002 - 2006

B.Sc. Physiotherapy, University of Gondar