MILA-Seminar - FAIR data with CEDAR

As part of our MILA seminar series, our next seminar will take place on June 20th, 2022 from 2-3 p.m. Mwesigwa Ezra, who works in Engineering and Deployment at VODAN Africa, DevOps at Kampala International University and Makerere University Kampala ,Uganda, will present a topic entitled “FAIR data with CEDAR”.
Mr. Ezra will share with us the practical experience in establishing FAIR data points through a platform that supports controlled collaboration from data sources to the data sink. Developed tools/architectures such as a self-hosted bio-ontology service to control terms and values in CEDAR (CEDAR Metadatacenter Architecture) and VODAN Dashboard will be presented at the seminar.

To join the seminar, open this URL and enter the Guest-Key A+$rjV1qK*$iF?c8pel8.
We will meet in the MILA-Seminar-BBB-room.