MILA-Seminar - Using Neo4j for biochemical insights

As part of our MILA seminar series, our next seminar will take place on Dec 12th, 2022 from 2-3 p.m. Mr. Tom Nijhof from Cytosmart will present a topic entitled:" Using Neo4j for biochemical insights". In his presentation, Mr. Tom Nijhof will talk about a small introduction into what Neo4j and graph databases are. Followed by the public PubChem database and NCI60 dataset, and how to use them. Then he will explain how to do a fuzzy search in your graph database (similar to Elasticsearch) and how to enhance it with graphdatabase.
Lastly he is going to show how a basic recommendation algorithm (Collaborative filtering) can be used to predict growth inhibitor consecrations (part of NCI60 dataset)