Talk by Dr. C. Niklas "MDM-MDR-OpenEDC"

We are happy to have Dr. Christian Niklas giving a talk about "MDM-MDR-OpenEDC: a toolset to FAIRify medical case report form metadata." on 29.08.2023 9 - 10 am at Hörsaal Nord Raum UMG/5363-00-A-0.05!

Over the last years, has been maintained as a research infrastructure that hosts creative commons metadata definitions for case report forms (CRFs) from clinical studies. These artefacts are semantically annotated by medical domain experts along pre-specified coding principles on an individual item level. Through implementation of an open source electronic data capture solution (OpenEDC/IMI-EDC) that maintains syntactic and semantic standard compliance at data entry level, a real world data collection can be mapped out by the sharing of metadata under FAIR principles.