MILA Seminar

The MILA seminar is a biweekly forum to stimulate scientific discourse. The thematic areas focus on, but not limited to: 

  • Guidelines, standards and roadmaps for sustainable data management, e.g. FAIR data management in biomedical research, data quality assessment in EHR data reuse
  • Graph database concept and methods for linking heterogeneous data sources
  • Solutions for efficient data retrieval, or similarity measures and concepts for data provenance

Most seminars are open to the public and takes place in the BigBlueButton of the University Greifswald. We cordially invite everyone who is interested in the seminar topics.

Seminar slot: every other week Thursday 1-2 pm, if not stated otherwise in the table below

Contact and coordination: Payam Wali M Hussein

MILA Seminars

13.06.2024Matching of real-world medication data based on a graph-based representation of an IDMP conformant medication model
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Markus Bedues
16.05.2024Graph2VR: Exploring Linked Data in Virtual Reality
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Alexander Kellmann
18.04.2024Using FHIR in Biomedical Informatics
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Dr. Florian Auer
08.02.2024ciTIzen-centric DAta pLatform (TIDAL): Sharing distributed personal data in a privacy-preserving manner for health research
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Dr. Chang Sung
30.11.2023Health Data as a Strategic AssetDr. Luis Marco Ruiz
16.11.2023Graph-based Similarity of Clinical StudiesLea Gütebier
02.11.2023Natural Language Processing in the clinical Narrative
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Luise Modersohn
29.08.2023MDM-MDR-OpenEDC: a toolset to FAIRify medical case report form metadata.Hörsaal Nord
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Dr. Christian Niklas
29.06.2023Knowledge graph representation of clinical studies
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Julia Demmel and Angela Dedie
13.06.2023Quantitative analysis of drug effects at the whole-body level: a case study for glucose metabolism in malaria patients
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Prof. Jacky Snoep (Stellenbosch University)
20.02.2023Should you get a PET? Data curation and publication in a digital health context.
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Dr. Emma Tonkin
12.12.2022Using Neo4j for biochemical insights
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Tom Nijhof
19.09.2022Supporting FAIRness maturation with the FAIR Dataset Maturity model
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Dr. Danielle Welter
20.06.2022FAIR data with CEDAR
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Mwesigwa Ezra
16.05.2022Unlock Insights for medical Research with Knowledge Graphs
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Angela Dedié, Justus Taeger
02.05.2022A Primer on Data Visualization
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Hans-Jörg Schulz
07.03.2022Data Quality Assessment for International Studies based on real world data
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Ines Reinecke, M.Sc. and Dr. Franziska Bathelt
24.01.2022FAIRification of health-related data in the Swiss Personalized Health Network
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Dr. Sabine Österle (Team Lead Data Interoperability) and Dr. Vasundra Touré (Scientific Coordinator)
13.12.2021Analyzing and Evaluating Annotations in Systems Biology Models
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Woosub Shin
01.11.2021some GMDS interesting presentations in on the 66th GMDS Annual Meeting / 12th TMF Annual Congress Online conference (September 26-30, 2021)Dr. Atinkut Zeleke
20.09.2021FAIR Data and TRUST-worthy Repositories: A synergistic approach for biomedical research data management.
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Dr. Vivek Navale
05.07.2021FAIR data management and reusabilityProf. Dr. Oya Beyan

Deployment and relevance of FAIR Data Stewardship in the context of the COVID-19 Pandemic
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Prof Mirjam Van Reisen
21.04.2021COVID-19 Graph: A concept and implementation for integrating simulation studies with COVID-related research data in a graph databaseLea Gütebier
07.04.2021SSA-German Project: Implementing FAIR health research data in sub-saharan AfricaDr. Atinkut Zeleke
24.03.2021COVID-19 data visualisation projectChristian Wollmann
24.02.2021Why do all my patients arrive by helicopter?
Accessing routine records with the AKTIN
Emergency Department Data Registry
Jonas Bienzeisler
13.01.2021Introduction to graph databases: concepts and toolsRon Henkel