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Greifswald Young Investigator Forum

The Greifswald Young Investigator Forum serves as a platform for PostDocs and doctoral students from Greifswald's research institutions (esp. the University of Greifswald, University Medicine Greifswald, Helmholtz Institute for One Health, Friedrich Loeffler Institute) for networking, exchanging project ideas and initiating collaborations. The biannual meeting was launched in 2023 by two UMG postdocs in order to strengthen collaborations between early career researchers. The forum is primarily aimed at doctoral students and postdocs, but is open to researchers form all career levels who are interested in scientific exchange.

2nd Greifswald Young Investigator Forum: “Immune defense against infections” on 16 April, 2024

The second Young Investigator Forum will take place on 16 April 2024 from 12:30 - 17:00 at the new Centre for Life Science and Plasma Technology (Z4L) in Greifswald with the topic: "Immune defence against infections".

Here we want to bring together young scientists from Greifswald (UG, UMG, HIOH, FLI) who are working on the innate and adaptive immune response against bacterial and viral infections. To support the exchange between all participants, we have introduced a new format: the Rapid Session. During this session, all participants, whether Master's students, PhD students, postdocs, group leaders or professors, have the opportunity to present their field of research, their expertise and the collaborations they are looking for in a short 3-minute presentation.

Registration is required for the forum (by 29 February 2024, by e-mail), participation is free of charge. 

PD Dr. Antje Vogelgesang

University Medicine Greifswald
Clinic for Neurology


Dr. Silva Holtfreter

University Medicine Greifswald
Institute of Immunology