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Research associations, topics, coordinated programs

The research activities at the UMG have motivated a multitude of research associations, collaborative topics and coordinated programs briefly outlined below.

Research associations

The research associations of the UMG provide a framework across institutes and clinics in which scientists align their lines of research within the focal research areas. Concurrently, they manage the intramural research support instruments to foster junior scientists, to initiate integrated research projects, to supplement structural research financing and to invite external speakers. The research association Community Medicine has been in existence since 1997, the research association Molecular Medicine since 2000 and the coordination committee Individualized Medicine since 2014.


Collaborative topics

In parallel with the focal areas Community Medicine, Molecular Medicine and Individualized Medicine the research activities at UMG are also characterized by collaborative topics. They are reviewed approx. every five years on the basis of publication output and third-party funding. Currently main topics are “infection and inflammation”, “cardiovascular diseases” and “abdominal and metabolic diseases”.


Coordinated programs

Third-party funding of coordinated programs from multiple sources supports locally, nationally and internationally cross-linked research at the UMG. These coordinated programs pursue an overarching research subject in complementary subprojects for several years and with significant funding volumes (often more than 1 million euros).


ESF/EFRE - projects