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Endometriosis is the occurrence of the uterine lining outside the uterus. It affects at least 15% of sexually mature women and is often associated with childlessness. The main symptoms are pain before and during a period, as well as during sex. The symptoms may also be absent or the strength of the symptoms may not always correlate with the extent of the foci. Sterility may be a very significant issue. Endometriosis can be treated well with hormones, sometimes in combination with surgery. An exact endoscopic or fine tissue diagnosis is essential for therapeutic success.

Treatman / Therapy


  • Medical history, menstrual diary, desire to have children?
  • Pain and fertility assessment
  • Gynaecological exam
  • Functional diagnostics (ultrasound, laparoscopy with tissue samples, possibly with endoscopic and further sterility diagnostics)


Conservative therapy

  • Hormone therapy, primary and/or postoperative
  • Pain therapy
  • Further sterility treatment

Operative therapy - Endoscopic and abdominal procedures

  • Excision, coagulation, or peeling of endometriotic foci, dissolving of adhesions during diagnostic laparoscopy as organ-preserving procedures (single-port technique). Removal of endometriosis outside the abdominal cavity, operative method in accordance with localisation.





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