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Introduction of the PhD, MD/PhD and DMD/PhD

Since August 25, 2020, it has been possible to obtain the degrees MD/PhD, DMD/PhD or PhD at University Medicine Greifswald - in addition to the doctoral degrees of Dr. med. and Dr. med. dent. The structured, research-oriented doctoral programme differs from previous doctoral programmes in particular in that it requires completion of a 3-year accompanying curriculum.

With the MD/PhD programme’s strong focus on research, University Medicine Greifswald offers high-achieving graduates of medicine, dentistry and other subjects excellent prospects for their further professional career and the continuation of an academic career, especially in an international context. The doctoral programme for Dr. rer. med. was discontinued with the introduction of the PhD (see the transitional provision).

Transitional provision for the discontinuation of the Dr. rer. med. programme

With the introduction of the PhD, MD/PhD or DMD/PhD, it is no longer possible to take up doctoral studies to obtain the degree of Dr. rer. med. Procedures already in progress will be completed in accordance with the previous doctoral regulations. Also, procedures can be initiated (submission of the thesis) if the candidate already has confirmation of admission.

Cf. Statutes of the University of Greifswald on the new regulations for doctorates at the University of Greifswald’s Faculty of Medicine (University Medicine), § 22 Translation Regulations:

(1) These Doctoral Regulations apply to all applicants whose request for admission to the doctoral programme of University Medicine Greifswald is submitted after these Doctoral Regulations enter into force.

(2) Upon request, these Doctoral Regulations shall also apply to doctoral candidates who were admitted to doctoral studies prior to these Doctoral Regulations entering into force, provided that the candidate’s thesis has not yet been assessed. The request must be submitted by the doctoral candidate in writing to the Dean of University Medicine Greifswald.